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Fitting instructions for door cards.


Fixing with screws

Start at the top and work down. First drill a 2-3mm hole through the door card and into the door, test with screw. Do not tighten the screw too much or it will deform the door card.

Once you have drilled all the holes required, then re-drill the holes in the door card to 4mm (only the door card and NOT the door). This will allow the door cards to sit flat if any of the holes are misaligned (you may choose not to do this but I find it helps)

Fixing with push fit

When fitting the door cards, drill the holes in the door to suit the screws/fixings (some door cards will have holes that align with the holes already in the door). If you have been supplied screws by us, the drill will need to be 3mm. Starting at the top, in the middle, work outwards, then work down the sides, the drill the bottom holes.

When you have drilled the holes in the door, remove the door card, redrill the holes (in the card) 1-2mm bigger than the stem of the fixing (4-5mm for supplied screws, or could be up to 12mm for some push fit fixings). This will allow the door card to sit flat on the door, just in case there is any mismatch in the holes drilled in the door.

Other fittings

You can bond the door cards but Tiger seal if you don't want to drill holes, however we consider this too permanent.


You can rivet them, but we find the rivets are too tight and deform the door card.

You can also use rivnuts, this will allow you to use some nice stainless or anodized allen key bolts

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me on 07860 216722

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